Hi there, My name is Mark Wherritt

I am a self tort artist and a bit of a designer

I customize website Headers and Back grounds and design logos

I Host websites See My website Hosting: Here

See my Artworks: Here

My latest works Now are making website Photo albums mostly of  my Grandson Kayle,

I use Professional web Photo templates and customize them for the pictures.

Now on offer for my customers, Fully customised website photo slide show of all your favourite pictures for all your close and distant family to see on the internet, or on DVD.

Sample 1: Speedway Pictures

Sample 2: Kayle

Sample 3: Kayle Wherritt

Sample 4:Christmas card slide show

Se my more of my Photos Here On My FlickR

I will even come and take your pictures for you in the local West Sydney area for you to print out,or I make a website slide show.Or even a DVD slide show to watch at home.

I can make Albums like these for you with your pictures and host them, I use Professional software to get a professional looking result.I Offer very low Prices compared to large Photographic companies.

Events: Family Partys, Weddings, anniversarys, Birthdays, Photos for memorys.

Ring or cantact by email for Price on Picture slide shows.

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